Welcome to 24frames

24 frames is a relatively new art house in the local production industry specialized in producing Ad-Films, Feature Films and Documentary Films. Despite the fact of being relatively young in the industry as a firm, 24frames has set many a standard in all above three fields, which in turn had earned us an illustrious name and a position within the industry. Among our gamut of esteemed credential are a large number of widely-talked-about Ad-Films that were highly successful in terms of both popularity as well as the impact on the masses, two feature films including a Canns Gold Award winning creation – both were French productions, and a documentary movie that made the Cine-reel Film Festival in Paris and the Berlin Film Festival. These have been achieved through the skills of our extremely gifted, vastly competent, highly professional and abundantly experienced group of staff, who we believe the biggest asset and the main driving force of our company.

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